North East Afghan Hound Rescue
NEAHR is a 501c3 non-profit organization

North East Afghan Hound Rescue (NEAHR) is a group of dedicated volunteers who intervene on behalf of abandoned, abused, neglected or lost Afghan Hounds. We also help owners who can no longer keep their Afghans and need to place them. NEAHR receives its funding from individual donations, fund-raising events and donations from Afghan Hound Breed Clubs. Our goal is to match the dog with the right 'forever' home.

NEAHR Wine Fundraiser

NEAHR is excited to announce our new fundraising endeavor and JUST in time for the holidays! What a great gift for the Afghan Hound aficionado that has everything! (insert pic of wines here). Please check out our line of wines, where $6 of every bottle sold goes to NEAHR.

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Sweet William's Story

Sweet William Afghan Hound in Rescue story

I met Sweet William (aka Willie) 15 days ago at a rest stop on the Massachusetts Turnpike. I remember thinking how excited he looked when he jumped out of the car, running around on lead, taking in all of the smells. Excitement turned to nervous energy as I held the leash and we watched his owner unpack his beds and his belongings from his car and move them to mine. This wasn't Will's first time being relinquished to rescue, I wonder what was going through his head at that moment.

As we drove away, Will poked his head between the two front seats and planted a big, wet kiss on me. I knew then that he and I would become good friends. I called my vet on the drive back to NEAHR's Home for Little Wanderers - something just didn't seem right with Will.

Back at home, Sweet William was consuming over a gallon of water a day. My two Afghans, ages 3 and 10 consume about 1/2 gallon together. He had excessive panting, beyond a stress pant. Will is 10 years old, but he is rather frail and I guessed his weight to be between 35-40 lbs. I found a large tumor on his throat, slightly larger than a golf ball. Our vet visit confirmed that he had Hyperthyroidism, a rare condition in dogs - the only treatment is surgery. Our next stop was the ultrasound clinic where they confirmed a large, aggressive and invasive thyroid mass. Surgery was not an option, it had already spread and there was major organ and artery involvement. Sweet William was given 4-8 weeks to live.

Will is back at NEAHR's Home for Little Wanderers, where he will remain for as long as he is comfortable. When he is ready, we will help him cross over to the Rainbow Bridge.

We are incredibly grateful to those that have donated towards his medical expenses, including The Hendrix Fund, a 501c3 administered by AHCA Rescue for elderly Afghan Hounds in need. We had prayed for a different outcome for this incredibly sweet, silly boy.

To contribute towards Sweet Williams medical expenses, please consider donating to NEAHR online by mail sent to The Hendrix Fund (AHCA Rescue Charitable Trust), c/o Russ & Barb Hastings, 4071 Gurnee Rd, Westfield, PA 16950