Happy Adoption Stories

Feisel was adopted by our NEAHR and Dear friend Bonnie, a longtime friend and supporter of NEAHR. Feisel goes to work daily with Bonnie and his new Afghan Hound "brother" Mo. Feisel is keeping them on their toes and making them laugh every day!

Luca came to us after his owner unexpectedly passed away. At 8 years old, he came to us with several medical issues that we are continuing to treat. He will remain in permanent foster care with NEAHR so that we can continue to care for him. He is a happy boy who is always smiling and doesn't let his health issues get him down. He melts the heart of everyone who meets this sweet, gentle boy.

Harper & Jenna
Harper and Jenna were quickly adopted soon after their photo was shared. It was no surprise as they are a fabulous pair of girls! They have transitioned very easily into their new home. Congratulations to Christine C. and her family who eagerly welcomed them with open arms and awaiting sofa’s.

Nino arrived at NEAHR’s Home for Little Wanderers at approximately 8-10 months of age. He required an extended foster stay to recover from injuries he sustained prior to arriving with us. As he was healing, he and Lil Miss Thang decided that they were BFF’s and that they wanted to remain together. Together they make quite a dynamic duo. They spend hours playing together every day, pretending to be WWE Smackdown Wrestlers and Flying Wallenda’s. Life is a lot more lively with Nino here!

After spending a year in foster care, Moose, the “Half-Ghan” (Afghan Hound x German Shorthaired Pointer cross) feels very lucky to have been adopted into a home where he will be the one and only. Happy Trails Moose!

(formerly known as Affie) was relinquished at shelter just before his 8th Birthday. Everyone that met him fell immediately in love with him so it was no surprise how quickly he was adopted. Our NEAHR and Dear friend Tanya felt they would be the perfect fit for each other and she was right!

Lil Miss Thang
has joined Pam & Tundra at NEAHR’s Home for Little Wanderer’s. A sassy, bold ‘Lil Thang’, she thinks everything must be done at top speed, even if it is just moving from room to room. She is very protective of us and her home and always on guard in the window or at the door to keep us safe!

was adopted by Sylvia G. and her family in time to celebrate his 8th birthday in his brand new home. He is a great gift to his new family. He is loving, sweet and patient. He loves going to work with his new mom and enjoys a lovely country setting at home shared with his three new brothers Cocobean, Koda and Harrison.

He is truly "Royal" in every way.

was surrended to NEAHR at 11 years of age. He had lived with one family for all of his 11 years but as he aged, they found themselves no longer prepared to manage the care of an elderly dog. Riley is now 13.5 years old and he will remain in permanent foster with NEAHR and live out his remaining days with Pam, Tundra and Lil Miss Thang. He is an affectionate, sweet and funny boy and we feel blessed to be able to share our lives with Riley.

Paris and Paw Paw
were lucky to be adopted at 12 years of age by our NEAHR and Dear friend, Lu R. from NY. Now known as "The Golden Girls", we would like to express our gratitude to Lu for not hesitating to adopt a pair of seniors. She looked past their age and realized that they still had life and love left to give and offered them their forever retirement home. The Golden Girls have been welcomed by Lu's pack and have brought much silliness and laughter into Lu's home!

an incredibly sweet 6 year old, settled in to her new home with such dignity and grace. She was relinquished to NEAHR when her owner became ill and was unable to continue to provide for her. When Jasmin D. of Massachusetts saw her photo, she knew she had to have her. Jasmin wrote "My heart is full of love and joy once again. Thank you to NEAHR for giving me this precious gift".

NEAHR worked for a long time to rescue Ziggy. It took a joint effort with another rescue organization to help get him safe. Ziggy is 6 years old and is now enjoying life, thanks to the Sandhu family. Just look at the big smile on Ziggy's face!

is now living the good life in Connecticut after being adopted by Rick & Becky and his new "sister" Dixie. Long hikes, home roasted chicken, zooming around the yard, followed by naps on the soft sofa are his new favorite activities. Happy Trails, Isaiah!

Sweet William
Will was given up at 10 years of age when he began to have accidents in the house. What his family did not know is that he had advanced thyroid cancer which had already metastasized. We discovered it when he arrived in foster care. He was diagnosed with 4 weeks to live and so he will remain in hospice care with Pam, Tundra and Pippa. He is a vivacious, happy boy who is always smiling and has not yet gotten the memo that he is sick.

was adopted by they Hayman family in New Hampshire. His new mom is so excited to have an Afghan Hound in her life again! She is looking forward to exploring the hiking trails in the White Mountains together. Mazel Tov to Sabar and his new family!

We are so happy that Zuffa will spend his retirement years with Bob D. of New Hampshire. A first-time Afghan Hound owner, Bob was instantly intrigued with our distinguished gentleman. Bob, we welcome you to the wonderful world of Afghan Hounds!

Heathcliff has found his forever home with the Adams family. They recently lost their beloved Afghan Hound and are very excited to welcome into their family.

William and Nicholaus "William and Nicholaus" were happy to be adopted together by Bill Z. of CT. We are so happy that Bill opened his heart and his home to this dynamic duo!

Tundra will be remaining at NEAHR's Home for Little Wanderers, joining Pam & Pippa. He is learning to be an indoor dog & has started obedience & agility training.

Lyla is happy to announce that she has been adopted with her best girlfriend Oprah. Lyla is looking forward to long walks on the farm with her best girl Oprah and her new Afghan Brother, Orion!

Oprah is ready for life on the farm and happy to share it with her BFF Lyla and their new older brother Orion! So happy that these special girls get to retire together!"

Theo is lucky enough to be adopted by the Gill family. He is looking forward to long hikes in the White Mountains and learning to sail with his new family.

Skye is the young girl formerly known as Betsy, litter-sister to Karzi. She has been adopted by long-time Afghan Rescue supporter, Barb H. Her new best friend is Van the cat and is being taught the ropes in her new house by Rugby, her new poodle brother.

Afghan Hound, Karzi has been adpoted

Karzi has been adopted by Mike B. in Massachusetts. He is enjoying spending time with Mike and playing with his new brother, a 2 year old Australian Shepherd named Willie.

Karzi is the brother of Skye (formerly Betsy).

This Afghan Hound, Champ found his forever home

Champ was adopted by April & her family. His new sisters Lily & Mask have welcomed him into the clan !