The Rainbow Bridge

This page is a tribute to our beloved Afghan Hounds that have left this earth to cross over the rainbow bridge. We fondly remember them.

There is a bridge connecting Earth and an After Life.
It is called the Rainbow Bridge because of its many colors.
Just this side of the Rainbow Bridge there is a land of meadows, hills, and valleys with green grass.
When a beloved pet dies, the pet goes to this place.
There is always food and water and warm spring weather.
The old and frail animals are young again.
Those who are maimed are made whole again.
They play all day with each other.
There is only one thing missing.
They are not with their special person who loved them on Earth.
So, each day they run and play until the day comes when one suddenly stops playing and looks up.
The nose twitches; the ears are up and alert; the eyes are staring, and this one suddenly runs from the group.
You have been seen.....
And when you and your special friend meet, you take him or her in your arms and embrace.
Your face is kissed again and again and again, and you look once more into the eyes of your trusting pet.
So long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.
Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together, Never again to be separated.
-author unknown-

Opal (formerly Oprah) Marshall 2005-2019

Opal passing I adopted Oppie six years ago when she was 8 years old; her first two years with me were shared with two elderly affies. She blended in well, calm and reserved. Her world exploded (for the better) when my old pair passed on and I adopted a wild child 4-year-old named Flash. It was love at first sight; they were inseparable. It was my pleasure watching her blossom into a mischievous (thanks to Flash’s influence) and affection girl. We had 6 years together and that wasn’t nearly enough, Flash and I miss her terribly.

Opal with friend


Tundra passing I never dreamed that Tundra would be with me for less than 5 years. He was barely 2 years of age and full of life when he arrived and I thought he would live to grow old with me. He was Lyme positive when he arrived in rescue and sadly what would take him in the prime of his life at 7 years of age.

In those 5 short years, he earned multiple obedience titles, went High in Trial at the Afghan Hound Club of America National Specialty in Rhode Island in Sept 2016 and he became a certified therapy dog and certified Reading Dog. He helped challenged readers with their reading skills at the Swampscott Public Library and was the much loved therapy dog visiting the secured Senior Adult Unit at Addison Gilbert Hospital in Gloucester.

Tundra was such an empathetic soul, he lay with many of our hospice foster Afghan’s as their spirits left their earthly bodies. His beautiful, free spirit will be forever missed by Pam and Lil Miss Thang.


Riley passing Riley Roo was a beacon of bright light for the last two years and brought such joy to everyone he met. When Lil Miss Thang arrived, terrified of the world and especially being outside, Riley took her under his wing and taught her to hate squirrels even more than he did. One never went outside without the other, they were partners in squirrel hunting crime! Riley loved everyone he met. I was told he was terrified of strangers, hated all dogs, was skinny because he would not eat and that we would pee all over the house, including the sofa. None of it was true. He was the first one to meet visitors at the door and even though he was frail, he would demand equal if not more attention. He was a ravenous eater and would eat 4-6 small meals a day. He always asked to go potty and had different barks to communicate the urgency. You just had to spend a minute with Riley to love him forever. He will be forever missed by Pam, Tundra and Lil Miss Thang. Don’t worry Roo, we are safe now from those silver haired squirrels, you have passed the torch and you have taught us well.


William story William was part of a bonded pair of 8 year old boys adopted in 2014 by Bill Z. of CT. William passed quietly at home in October 2016 without warning. He had just participated in Rally Obedience and the Rescue parade at the 2016 AHCA National Specialty and shortly thereafter received his Rally Novice title, which was quite an accomplishment for this 10 year old boy.

Paris and PawPaw

PawPaw story Paris and PawPaw were adopted at age 12 in September 2016. Sadly, PawPaw earned her wings to the Rainbow Bridge in January 2017 and Paris joined her in May 2018. We are so grateful to Lu R. of New York for opening her home to the beautiful “Golden Girls” and allowing them to spend their last days in dignity and surrounded by love.


Zuffa story Zuffa was adopted at 10 years of age by Bob D. of New Hampshire. Bob described him as an “old-school” Afghan Hound gentleman dog and writes: When his first owner passed of natural causes, North East Afghan Hound Rescue learned of Zuffa's predicament and brought him into their foster care program. I opened my home to him and never looked back. We get along rather famously! Yes, Afghans can be goofy – which is perfectly fine! At the same time, members of this breed are old souls. When you can bring a noble spirit like this into your life, you give them an opportunity to continue to live a normal life, and enrich your own. They in turn, bring unconditional affection and make a house – a home! (Even if it is their second time around.) That’s what RESCUE and North East Afghan Hound Rescue is all about. To all - Thank you for the kind words and support with the passing of Zuffa at age 13 on 1 May 2017. He did not suffer and never got the memo (that he was sick). It’s amazing how they work their way into your heart so quickly. We always have to remember, they are “just visiting”!


Karzai story Cancer SUCKS! This dreaded disease took our beloved Karzai at just 5 years of age. Karzai and his litter sister Betsy (now Skye) were relinquished to NEAHR when they were 18 months old. They had spent 6 months living in a boarding kennel in Maine. Karzai was adopted after his foster parents flunked fostering 101. Run free from pain and sickness at the bridge, Karzai, you will be forever missed!


Lyla story In 2013 after the loss of my beloved Cougar, I began the search for a companion for his grieving brother. Orion was a gentle sole so I knew I needed to find him a special friend. Luckily Pam from NEAHR knew of just a match. One complication though, Opal had become attached to Lyla during their time in foster care. So somehow I found myself driving to Boston agreeing to take both.

Once there, Lyla instantly melted my heart. She was 11 years old, very frail and far too thin. But there was something about her eyes. There was no self-pity there, no cowering, just a steely determination to survive.

A few months after coming home with me, we had a New Year’s Party. Everyone was outside with the fireworks. One friend stayed inside with the dogs. I came in and found my two big kids crushed against my friend’s thighs. No Lyla, so I frantically looked for her and there she was, in her covered crate, nose to the back of the crate, shoulders shaking. But wait, I crouched to take a closer look. She wasn’t shaking! She had methodically stolen the prime rib bones from the other two and had all three bones lined up in front of her. She was chewing one, and then going to the next and the next and then back to the first. She couldn’t care less about the noise. That was my girl!

We knew her time with me would be short, but I was determined whatever time she had left would be full of love. She was meant to be a spoiled princess and with me she was. She would squeeze in between Orion and Opal to ensure she got the most of my attention. They would look down at her tiny frame and move just enough to let her in. There she would be pressed between us, happy as could be.

She had several medical emergencies and each time I watched her to see if she was ready. But my little Pink Bunny just kept going and going. She wasn’t giving up so I didn’t either. Finally her little body couldn’t hold on anymore. She was with me almost 2 years and everyday was a blessing for me. We stuffed a life time of love in those two years. What a wonderful lesson she taught everyone she met, full of love, trust and confidence, no self-pity; a true survivor.

I miss my little Pink Energizer Bunny but smile each time I think of her.

Sweet William

Sweet William (aka Willie)
Willie was born into a breeding barn in Louisiana and following the death of his breeder he and several members of his "extended family" were surrendered to AHCA National Rescue. He lived for three years with his new family but he again found himself surrendered to North East Afghan Hound Rescue at 10 years of age when he began to have accidents in the house.

Unfortunately, NEAHR discovered a large thyroid tumor that had already metastasized. He was given 4 weeks to live. Sweet Willie "Woo" remained at NEAHR's Home for Little Wanderers as a hospice foster.

He became best friends with Tundra and he won the heart of everyone that met him. Willie kissed every single person he ever met and was perhaps the happiest Afghan Hound I have ever met. He thrived in foster care and remained very active, running and playing daily with Tundra - he had not gotten the memo that he was sick. Willie began to fail 27 weeks after his initial diagnosis and I had to help him cross over to the Rainbow Bridge. I take great comfort knowing that he felt truly loved when he died, that he felt part of my family and knowing that he truly had a blast while he was with me. I miss you Willie Woo!

XOXO Pam & Tundra

Never has another afghan hound touched my heart and my family the way Champ did. He was a beautiful spirit who not only brought out the absolute best in my sweet Afghan Mask, but he changed my husband's opinion of the breed. Champ came to me through NEAHR because my domino girl Mask would not play with my Lily, my first Afghan Hound. When Champ came, he made Mask...and my husband fall in love with him. I was lost to him the moment I met him.

Although he was only with us a short time...his impact will last forever. No one could have possibly known that this beautiful boy would leave us way too soon. In the short four months this boy was in our lives...he managed to get Mask out of her shell so much so that she played with him...and Lily. I will never forget the way he talked to me... gave me "what for" when the water bowl was not to his liking.

I will always be grateful this sweet spirit came into my life. He will never be forgotten, by me, or anyone who had the pleasure of meeting him. He was a true Champion.

April Holmes